Again, three different genres:


Day 7 was Equal Rites, one of the very few books by Terry Pratchett that I haven't yet read.

This year, the holidays will not be quite the way they used to be, because one thing will be missing: for the last 20 years, whenever there was a new Discworld novel out, my parents would give it to me for Christmas. But not this year. Sadly, never again.

I miss his books, his imagination and his humor. I miss waiting for the next novel, waiting to visit Discworld and meet old friends again. And I miss being totally excited to read the next book when I finally got it.

I miss P'Terry. A lot.


Day 8 was Charles Stross' The Atrocity Archives. Originally I was thinking about reading Accelerando, but someone pointed out that it was not the best book to start with unless you're a quantum physicist. They suggested this one instead, and here it is.

And today I got Jennifer Egan's A Visit From the Goon Squad. I heard somebody say that there is a chapter that consists only of PowerPoint slides, and that made me curious.


BTW, whenever I say "somebody recommended" or "someone suggested", I am usually talking about one of my BookLikes or GoodReads friends. Thanks, y'all!


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