Since this year wasn't really a good year, I have decided to give myself a treat by making a book Advent calendar. Over the last months I have bought several (mostly second-hand and remaindered) books and put them aside so that I won't be tempted to read them immediately.




I have put them in a gift box into which I have cut a slot, and now I get to draw one of them each day and three on Christmas Eve.

Please note that the size of the slot is wide enough for my hand holding a book, but too small for one of the little fur faces to climb inside and make it their new favorite napping spot. :D




The first book, the one I drew this morning, is Isaac Asimov's Meine Freunde, die Roboter, which contains his short story collections I, Robot, Earth Is Room Enough and The Bicentennial Man and Other Stories

Don't worry, I'm not going to bother you each and every day with posts of the books I have drawn, only every few days. ;)