As I promised in my post about the book Advent calendar, here's the first update about the books I have drawn so far:

On the first day it was Isaac Asimov's Meine Freunde, die Roboter, which contains his short story collections I, Robot, Earth Is Room Enough and The Bicentennial Man and Other Stories

On the second day I got another SF novel, Peter Watts' Blindsight, which is supposed to be quite a difficult read, but as I have read Ancillary Justice and the Southern Reach trilogy this year, which were also regarded as diffcult, and which I thoroughly enjoyed, I hope that I'll be able to handle this one as well.

Today I got a historical fiction novel, a genre that I barely read anymore, but I have to admit that I bought John Saturnall's Feast almost only because of the beautiful cover. Almost. Also because the protagonist is a cook, and I'm hoping for some cooking inspirations.