Today we had to go to the vet. Our tabby Micki, who has been almost deaf for more than a year, suddenly showed a loss of vision over the weekend. When we fed her, she did not notice until we put it directly under her nose. We did not realize her difficulties until then, because she behaved like normal, jumped on the sofa or on our laps, climbed on her scratching post and even found her way through the garden. Micki is now 18 years old, and so we expected it to be a sign of old age, but we wanted to clarify that it was no infection or something like that.


The vet told us that she was almost blind, that she was only able to see a bit of light and shades, and that it was due to her age. He said that, as long as they are in their usual surroundings, deaf-blind cats can lead a normal life, because they still have a sense of direction and can orient themselves with their whiskers. He also said that they tend to meow a lot and quite loudly - which she does - because they feel a bit insecure. We should simply pet her and talk to her to show her that she is not alone and that her humans are always close by.



We will do our best to make sure that she will always feel safe and comfortable, and hope that she will stay the amazing tigress she has always been.