Remenber the two little magpies I am currently taking care of? We have named them Jack and Nick, for no other reason than that we have no clue if they really are males, and if they should turn out to be females, we could simply change the names to Jacki and Nicki.



The two have grown a lot in the last ten days, and they are developing well. They have begun to fly, at first only very short distances, less than a meter, and with some crashes on landing. But now they are able to fly two or three meters without any problems. I had to cover large parts of my livingroom with blankets, because they literally sh*t on everything.

For that reason, as soon as they are able to eat by themselves, the two will move to an aviary, with grass floor and a little hut for them to hide inside.



Jack, the smaller one, still has some problems with his left leg, which was injured when he fell out of the nest. It does not hamper him when he is flying or sitting somewhere, but walking is quite difficult for the poor little fellow. Anyway, he is under treatment by a vet and we hope that the injury will heal within the next weeks.