The motorcycles of the men and women of the police department of Bottrop, Germany had been mothballed for winter. One month ago, when they were preparing the bikes for the new season, they realized that one of them had been occupied: a couple of robins had built their nest right under the handlebars.



Despite repeated requests, the robins (Erithacus anarchistica) were not willing to leave police protection, even when handed an eviction notice. Because of that, the motorcycle was laid up for the time being. [Translation of the sign: Attention! Motorcycle is laid up, do not move! A robin is nesting and breeding here! Please do not disturb.]



Now, five weeks later, six little robins have hatched. Police say that they are very proud of their brood, but especially one of them will be happy when the birds leave the nest, so he does not have to do his job on a bicycle any longer.