Blinde Vögel - Ursula Poznanski

A young couple is found dead on a campsite in Salzburg, Austria. The only connection between the victims is a poetry group on Facebook. Murder or suicide? Bea and Florin from Salzburg police are investigating, when suddenly another group member dies.


Well, "Blinde Vögel" was not really a thriller. In my opinion a thriller has to be much more action-driven. To me, this book felt more like a murder mystery with a few action scenes.

The story was okay, gripping enough, and the author knows how to develop some interesting characters, but I found the first part of the series Fünf resp. Five - the English edition will be published in May - much more gripping.


In addition, I hoped this book would either be a cure or a final chord, but it was neither. I guess I will have to find out with another (actual) thriller.