Die Teufelsbraut: 25 dämonische Geschichten - Shirley Jackson

I am so utterly disappointed!

I picked up this book because I expected it to contain a bunch of creepy short stories, as the subtitle suggests. I was in the right mood for something slightly scary, but what I got was just a collection of short stories of almost normal everyday life:


  • Two little girls who get talked into believing that sailors on shore leave are bad guys - not creepy!
  • A man who invites his neighbor over for dinner, and when another visitor appears, the neighbor suddenly pretends that it is her appartment they are in, in order to impress the other visitor - not scary!
  • A woman who waits for the man who has promised to marry her, and when he does not show up, she tries to trace him - totally not scary!
  • etc.


There may be two or three mildly creepy stories, but to promote this book by saying it was 25 of them, is simply wrong. The publisher had better stuck to the truth. I am so frustrated now that I will delete "We Have Always Lived in the Castle" ("Wir haben schon immer im Schloß gelebt") by the same author, that has been on my wish list for a while.

Way to go, Diogenes Verlag!