Yesterday I was notified that a blogger called BloggerX (*) had liked one of my older reviews (Metro 2033: As Exciting as a Metro Train Ride). Because I did not know that person, I went to their profile and also had a look at their timeline, to see what else they had liked. It showed that they had liked my review, but to my surprise it was shown with the profile picture of another blogger, BloggerY (*) besides it:


(picture painted over for privacy reasons)


Curious why MY review would show with BloggerY's picture on BloggerX's timeline, I clicked on the link to the review and was directly taken to BloggerY's blog! It did not lead to my blog or my review, but to their blog, although the review was not (or no longer) there! Even the URL of the link (from the timeline) says the review is connected to that blogger: (like this, not an actual link, of course:!

Why did they have my review on their blog? And it could NOT have been a REBLOG, because then the “like” would have been attributed to BloggerY as the reblogger, and not to me, the original poster, but it was me who got the notification for the like.


There are two other aspects that make this issue even more confusing:

As I said, I received the notification that BloggerX had liked my review, but at the same time received an email that said that BloggerZ (*) (Yes, there's a third one!) had liked the review: A notification for BloggerX, but not for BloggerZ, and an email for BloggerZ, but not for BloggerX. Which of them had liked the review? Well, and that’s the third aspect: If I look at my review, actually none of them have:



As you can see, the last activity is from two months ago. BloggerZ has liked the review, but it was about a year ago, when I posted it. What is going on?!

I have emailed BookLikes with this issue, because it is disturbing for me to think that one of my reviews seems to be posted by somebody else. I also wanted to post this here, in case any of you have been or will be experiencing the same issues.


(*) = names changed by me, in order to not expose anybody, if this should turn out to be a bug