Tonight we are going to the premiere of the new James Bond movie Spectre in our town!

S.O.'s parents got an invitation, will not be able to attend and therefore passed it on to us. Nothing spectacular, and not that I expect to see any celebrities. Just a nice evening at the movies, with free popcorn and drinks. Yay!

And guess who I'll be rooting for? Yep, Christoph Waltz. Yummy!


ETA short impression of the movie:

Let's say I'm underwhelmed. The plot was almost nonexistent, and there was not enough action to compensate this either. It all dragged a bit. And there wasn't enough Christoph Waltz, for my taste. On the plus side, we got to know a tiny bit about Bond's childhood, and there were lots of fancy cars, as usual. I'm a sucker for cars. I would give it 2 of 5 stars, maybe 2.5 if I take the free drinks (two Sex on the Beach, unfortunately no Martini) and popcorn into account.

Would I recommend watching it? Not at a cinema. Stream it, borrow the DVD or wait until it airs on TV. 


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