I have a few questions, and I hope that one or another of you will be so kind to reply. Thanks in advance! :)


I have edited some of the books I own, and I understand why every edit has to be controlled by librarians. But what if the librarian who checked my edits involuntarily made a mistake? I know there is an option to "report", but I don't want to use it, since I don't know what it does exactly. To me, flagging/reporting is something that should be used when an issue requires immediate attention, so that is nothing I would choose to do in a case like this. So: How to proceed?


I have realized, when I checked the NPR Top 100 SciFi & Fantasy Books reading list, that the results are wrong. It says that I have read 32 and shelved 41 of its books, when actually I have read 41 and shelved eight more. The reason for that seems to be that my editions of the books are not combined with the other editions. I have tried to find out if I can combine them, but I couldn't. Is combining something that can only be done by librarians?


And: Is there a place where we can request things like the above-mentioned when we stumble upon them? I know there is a Librarian's Group, but it is only for librarians, so it is obviously not the right place. Is there another group for users to contact librarians? And if not, could there be one?